Baby Names

Giving your baby a name is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a big decision as a parent because it's that name that is going to be with the child its whole life. Some parents name their children after themselves or grandparents, some parents give their baby a middle name.

All names have a meaning. What Does My Name Mean is a site dedicated to uncovering the details behind names. We have spent years compiling data from around the world to make sure we have the biggest selection of names available to chose from. If the name you want isn't there then we will personally go out and find out what that name means. However we are pretty confident we have most names listed on the site.

Choosing a Baby Name

The choice of baby name is often influenced by the parents interests or influential characters. This includes celebrities and other famous people. We have seen over the years that the most popular celebrity at that point in time has had their name copycatted by millions of little babies. There are names that would have never been otherwise used if it hadn't been for the celebrity culture. Sports stars or teams have often had babies named after them. However, more traditionally biblical names or other religious names have been the most popular. Over the years there have been hundreds of millions of babies named with a religious purpose. In fact on average over the last hundreds years the top 10 babies names at any particular time have always had a minimum of 3 religious names in the list.

Baby Name Guides

If you are unsure what to call your baby then spend a few hours looking at all our name guides. Think about people you care about, people you respect, people who have cool sounding names and people who are related to you. You will probably be able to find the perfect name for your child just looking at these people. If not then why not be original, there are plenty of cities or towns that would sound great as a name, as well as food types. Anything. But always remember that one day you will need to justify to your child why you called them what you did.

We at What Does My Name Mean hope you enjoy our site and you manage to find a name for your baby. Enjoy searching through our giant database and looking at the detailed name meanings we have developed for you. This site is made for you, to make these difficult decisions that little but easier.