Name Meanings

What is the meaning of your name, your child's name, your maiden name… even your pets name? It's quite an important question if you think about it. You and many others walk around for a large chunk of life without knowing where your name originated from or what it means! We'll help you to find out hundreds of name meanings and if yours is missing (we hope that this isn't the case), and you know what it means, then you can even register and suggest it yourself.

Literally thousands of people across the UK search for name meanings each day. The most popular search is to find a selection of potential baby names - after all, you don't want to give your precious baby a name with no meaning.

Popular name searches

Baby names – Jessica, James, George, Daisy, Emily, Chloe, Alfie, Jack
Boys names – John, Dylan, William, Christopher, Matthew, Daniel, Anthony, Michael
Girls names – Hannah, Elizabeth, Lily, Samantha, Emma, Anna, Ashley, Amelia

A name can mean an awful lot and could be the difference between one path and another. Choosing the right name is a tough decision and we hope that we can help you to make it that little bit easier.

Search your name meanings

Go on, don't be shy, have a quick search and finally answer that burning question – "what does my name mean?". If you liked finding out your name meaning then don't forget to share it with your friends so that they can find out more about their names too! Have fun and enjoy.

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