For the second year in a row for England and Wales, the O’s have it for 2010!Top Ten Names for Girls in 2010

With Olivia forming the most popular girls name chosen by expecting parents as a baby name for their girl and Oliver in the top boys name position, they have both romped home as clear winners.

Knocking Daniel delicately from the top ten clan of names is newcomer George, which appears to be making a new and welcome return into modern use for babies born in Wales and England. Top performer Oliver is closely flanked by Jack, Harry and surprisingly the charming name of Alfie, which could be attributed to the great Michael Caine film of the same title? Charlie also moves up the listings by a two place rise, again demonstrating that more old fashioned names are once again becoming popular.

Other Baby Names

Other names within the most fashionable ten used for girls all stay the same as previously in 2009 and Sophie, Emily and Lily are all vying for the top 2011 spot, time will tell if they make it. Amelia is sitting pretty in the number five slot and fans of the great pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart will instantly recognise this pretty name of famous use and its most appreciated return.

Notable names within the top ten for boys and girls include Jessica, Thomas, Ruby, William, Joshua, Chloe, George, Grace, James and Evie which remains as the tenth most popular girl’s name in 2010 and firmly staying well in place with the same position as it commanded back in 2009!

Older names make a come back

Looking at the bigger picture of the most popular names given to boys during 2010 who were born in either Wales or England, we can see that a number of names have moved within the name ranks significantly. Ollie has surprisingly moved up the most positions of all and its 52 place rise now sees this great name occupy the 63rd slot, increasing from previously held position number 115.

Top Ten Names for Boys in 2010Other less used baby boys names such as Jenson, Kayden, Dexter, Caleb and old favourite Bobby have all managed to sneak into the top one hundred most used boys’ names and these statistics clearly show that parents are now opting to resurrect some older names from past generations.

With the plethora of family tree sites available on the internet and the study of genealogy becoming ever more popular, we wonder if parents to be have discovered older names within their family trees and breathed new life into these by naming new arrivals with names long since used in families?

Not to be left on the sidelines either, the girls have also been showing lots of different movements during 2010 and Maisy is the top mover for the female of the species. Up a massive 41 places, from the previously accommodated 141st location, Maisy is again seen in the top 100 girls’ names used during 2010 and used as a new baby name.

Eliza jumps up 26 places and also moving on up is Annabelle and Laila (used in Eric Clapton’s iconic song of the same name) with an interesting upward use for Maryam and Aisha, which are a little more surprising as they both climb up the name spots of 2010.

Clearly, new parents are looking for different names to give to their baby boy or girl and the whole range of baby names that are now available is somewhat overwhelming which is where we hope to help.

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Name statistics influenced by current events

Name trends are definitely influenced by current celebrities, stars and actors who are prominent during the yearly period that’s researched and it comes as no surprise that notable characters in the news and media of the period at question undoubtedly have an effect on the baby names that are chosen by new parents. Characters from fiction (such as Harry Potter), family trees and names from older generations of families or of close friends most definitely have a heavily influencing effect too.

Baby Names in 2011?

2011 is yet to finish and we will watch with interest to see what name changes occur during this year. Baby names used will yet again most probably display a different pattern of use, dictated via current trends and what has happened during 2011. We’re willing to gamble that Pippa, Kate, William and Harry will make the most obvious choices for popular names used in 2011 for babies, but let’s just wait and see, we could be well off the mark!

Help us make our database of names as complete as possible, please register to add a new name to What Does My Name Mean? – we’d love to hear from you!

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